I do enjoy watching all of those “Oh my GOD! Don’t wear a corset, you willd estroy your chances of getting a baby!” Discussions. Oh, i love it.
Buut, you should not say that if you don’t know anything about corsets. Yes, a corset may change your body if that’s what you want, but so will pregnancy.

Me, on the oer hand, I’ve laced my corset tighter each time someone pulled the “you’ll never get pregnant” card on me.

I’m going to this Halloween party for once, but I have no idea what I should dress up as? I don’t want to buy a costume, so I thought I should do something with my green corset.

Do you guys have any suggestions? I will post pictures, of course.

I’m enjoying my -still- saturday morning in sweatpants, a corset and a baggy jumper.

So not dressing up today.